How did an eating disorder change my loved one?  One of the first things I had to accept with a diagnosis of anorexia restrictive in my loved one was the anger and denial sometimes displayed in the most unusual of ways.  The accusations that flew, the denials of a problem…. where to start?  I think most loved ones share this experience.  Where did my son/daughter go?  Where is their happy go lucky self?  If this is where you are now, you are not alone.

My once fearless child was now wracked with anxiety and a personality that I had no idea what to do with?  What I thought were simple things like keeping a room clean became a battle.  Chances are, your loved one has tendancies of perfectionism, OCD, anxiety, depression, and/or a great student.  ED was taking over my child’s life and I felt helpless.

Please know this is the eating disorder and not your child. They are still in there. You just have to fight to bring that person back. It took a lot of time and patience, but you will see your child emerge from the shadows they are living in. Be their light, be their hope. And love them for all you are worth.