Caring Amidst Chaos: Eating Disorder Bootcamp for Caregivers (2 day online and Manual)


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Introducing Caring Amidst Chaos: Eating Disorder Bootcamp – the ultimate course for caregivers and interested participants seeking to navigate the challenges of supporting individuals with eating disorders. (PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS INCLUDES THE 2 DAY ONLINE COURSE AND THE MANUAL).   Imagine having the knowledge, tools, and strategies to provide unwavering support, guidance, and love in the face of disorder. This comprehensive bootcamp is designed specifically for caregivers who want to go beyond empathy and develop a deep understanding of eating disorders and their impact on individuals. Through this course, you will embark on a journey that equips you with invaluable insights into the complexities of eating disorders. By understanding the underlying causes, symptoms, and treatment options, you will be empowered to become an invaluable ally for your loved ones.We recognize that caring for someone with an eating disorder can be overwhelming and emotionally draining. That’s why our course provides practical solutions and evidence-based techniques that allow caregivers to transform chaos into compassion. The Caring Amidst Chaos: Eating Disorder Bootcamp covers everything essential for effective caregiving, including:

  1. Understanding Eating Disorders: Dive deep into the psychology behind eating disorders to gain insight into their nature, triggers, and warning signs. Build empathy while gaining a broader perspective on how these illnesses affect individuals’ lives.
  2. Navigating Treatment Options: Discover various treatment approaches available for individuals with eating disorders. Learn about outpatient therapy programs, residential treatment centers, group therapies, medications, and more – enabling you to make informed decisions regarding recovery paths.
  3. Building Communication Skills: Explore effective communication techniques crucial in supporting individuals struggling with an eating disorder. Learn how to encourage open dialogue about fears and emotions while fostering trust and understanding within relationships.
  4. Meal Support Strategies: Mastering meal support is pivotal when it comes to assisting someone through their recovery journey. Our course offers proven strategies to handle challenging mealtimes tactfully while fostering healthy attitudes towards food.
  5. Emotional Support Systems: Understand emotional needs associated with eating disorders better and acquire the tools to provide sustainable and compassionate support. Learn how to be a pillar of strength and offer assistance in navigating triggers, setbacks, and successes along the recovery journey.
  6. Self-Care for Caregivers: Recognize the importance of self-care while providing care for others. Discover effective techniques for managing stress, setting boundaries, and promoting your own emotional well-being throughout this demanding role.
  7. Treatment and Recovery Monitoring: Gain valuable insights into monitoring treatment progress, recognizing warning signs of relapse, accessing continued support, and helping individuals maintain sustainable recovery.

By enrolling in our Caring Amidst Chaos: Eating Disorder Bootcamp, you will unlock a treasure trove of knowledge from facilitators with extensive experience in the field. Our engaging modules combine research-backed information with real-life case studies and interactive exercises to enhance your learning experience. The Caring Amidst Chaos: Eating Disorder Bootcamp Course offers three options for participants. The first option allows individuals to attend the course’s first day, where they can access general information and valuable guidance on handling medical emergencies and communication skills. Alternatively, participants may choose to attend both days, with the second day placing a stronger emphasis on addressing the specific needs of caregivers. Finally, for those who prefer not to take the online portion of the course, there is an option to simply purchase the manual used as reference material during the program. This ensures that individuals can still benefit from the valuable resources provided without attending the online sessions. You will have the opportunity to connect with a supportive community of like-minded caregivers who understand the unique challenges you may face. Share experiences, exchange practical advice, and find solace knowing that you are not alone in this journey. Prepare yourself to become an unwavering source of love, empathy, and support amidst the chaos of eating disorders. Enroll in Caring Amidst Chaos: Eating Disorder Bootcamp today and set off on a path towards transforming lives – both yours and those you care for. Together, let’s make a difference in the lives of individuals battling eating disorders.

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April 6 & 7, April 13 & 14, April 20 & 21


9:00 – 4:30pm MST


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