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 We are caregivers who have walked the path of supporting loved ones with eating disorders, and we understand the struggles and challenges that families face.  Our mission is to provide a safe haven for caregivers like you and to share the valuable lessons we have learned along the way.  We recognize that receiving a diagnosis of an eating disorder can be an overwhelming experience, leaving you unsure of where to begin. 

As a mother-daughter team, we are committed to sharing our knowledge and lived experiences with you in a compassionate and non-judgmental manner, always treating you and your loved one with the utmost dignity and respect.  Our content is written with both perspectives being represented: the caregiver and the loved one living with an eating disorder.  We understand the struggles, the emotional rollercoaster, and the overwhelming feeling of not knowing where to begin.

Through our own experiences and training in trauma informed care, we have learned valuable lessons and made mistakes along the way. Our hope is that by sharing what we have learned, we can provide you with a starting point on your own caregiving journey and help you avoid some of the pitfalls we encountered.


We believe in treating every individual with dignity and respect, recognizing that each person’s journey is unique.
We invite you to join us on this journey of caregiving, where we can support each other, learn from one another, and ultimately make a positive difference in the lives of those affected by eating disorders. Together, we can create a community that offers hope, understanding, and empowerment for caregivers like us.

My journey towards advocating for eating disorder awareness began when our 15-year-old daughter was diagnosed with restrictive anorexia. It all started innocently enough, with subtle signs like skipping meals and displaying peculiar food behaviors. However, these warning signs soon escalated into something far more concerning as she progressed to the extreme of not eating for seven days straight. The severity of the situation became even more apparent when we rushed her to the emergency room.

Fortunately, we encountered a remarkable doctor who astutely identified the root cause – our daughter was intentionally restricting her food intake. This revelation hit me like a tidal wave, completely upending everything I thought I knew about my own child. Suddenly, the solid ground beneath me felt unsteady, and I realized that I urgently needed to educate myself on this complex and overwhelming issue I was now facing. 

Driven by my own experiences and fueled by the desire to spare others from the pain and rookie mistakes I made early on in this journey, I felt compelled to share what I had learned with caregivers facing similar challenges. Understanding that knowledge is power, I wanted to empower others with information that could help them navigate through these choppy waters.

In addition to my role as a caregiver, I carry a personal history of struggling with weight throughout my entire life. Food has often been my therapist, making it both a source of comfort and addiction—a double-edged sword. As you explore the posts within this community, expect authenticity and vulnerability because we believe in telling our stories as they truly are. Each entry reflects real emotions experienced during one of the most personal times in our lives.


 Hey there, fellow caregivers! Just like many of you, I’m primarily a mom to two nearly-adult teens who are my entire universe. Their growth and happiness form the heart of my advocacy work. In what feels like another lifetime, I used to work as an RN specializing in geriatrics.  Now, you can find me sitting on our local Caregiver Advisory Council, doing my bit to make sure we’re amping up our eating disorder program.  If I’m on my computer I’m either working on our Eating Disorder Bootcamp, Nourishing Hope Workshops or running peer support groups.

Over time I’ve learned that turning challenges into catalysts for change can really make a difference in our little corner of world. And believe me when I say, this learning journey never ends! I’ve rolled up my sleeves more than once for trauma-informed care training and other official courses dedicated to eating disorders. Currently, I’m digging deep into an accredited peer support program.

Here’s a fun fact about me – in the rhythm of everyday life, you’ll usually spot me with a cup of coffee – it’s kind of my third hand at this point or lovingly tending to our animals. If you see me sans coffee…let’s just say something’s definitely off-kilter!



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